A lucky group of children were selected to attend a drumming workshop at the Warren Secondary School last week where they were taught by some of the music students. We are hoping to make this a regular event as a way of rewarding children for their positive attitudes towards learning, good attendance or making great progress against their targets.

Here are a few comments from the children who attended.

“Drum Works was really entertaining & fun. I really liked how the Warren Students taught us how to drum!…” – Grace (Year 6)

“I was so happy to be chosen because everybody in school wanted to go!…” – Zuhaib (Year 4)

“It was excellent and I loved it and I really hope I will be able to back there. The most fun part was when everybody got to join in!…” – Aironas (Year 5)

“It was fantastic! I want to come back every week!…” – Saim (Year 3)

“I loved banging on the drums!…” – Simran (Year 6)

“If I had to give the session a number out of 10 it would be infinity!.. – Domantus (Year 5)