Poem by Camilla in Year 6 – Book City Siege

Camilla in Year 6 has written this fantastic poem which we are really proud of! We hope you enjoy it.

Book City Siege

Self-Help book was enjoying his breakfast pulp and ink,

Strangely, his newspaper stories began to shrink.

The radio flow was suddenly broken,

With an announcement of Book city stolen.

In shock, he jumped in fear of his beloved city,

What fate would befall from whose enmity?


He feared his life, he feared his identity.

In Book City, you’re free to be whoever you want to be,

And travel without any ID.

In Book City you won’t be searched to see what magic you behold,

Neither would you be criticised young or old.

You could be whatever genre or size,

without being force-fed fake news and lies.

In Book City it does not matter whether you are rich or poor,

Through the glass ceiling you can soar.

Be black, be white,

Be any colour you like.

In Book City all were grateful and content,

Happiness you could share, own or rent.


But the view outside left Self-Help book aghast,

All the books were indeed becoming very unjust.

They were drained of thought and colour,

I say they had never looked duller.

Mental health seemingly was also an issue.

For all the books carried a pack of tissues,

Always crying, always depressed,

They were not feeling their best.

They walked around like zombies, totally unaware,

as if in the world they had not a single care.

The books could no longer read one another,

and feared Orwell’s state of ‘Big Brother’.

Mr dictionary had no meaning,

And even the sun had stopped beaming.


Immediately Self-Help book knew what was happening.

In fact, of the situation, he knew everything.

The ‘Terminating Ten’ were in town.

On the faces of all books they plastered frowns.

Facebook planted explosives in all the books.

Then masqueraded with emojis and fake looks.

Netflix, made all the books stare and stare and stare,

into nothing but thin air.

Snapchat put the books on selfie rampages.

But the selfies showed nothing but blank pages.

Twitter stole words and cut them up,

then left with a simple ‘Sup.

Whatsapp made all the books argue and fight,

creating such a horrendous sight.

Along with venomous allies:

Instagram, Viber, and Youtube obviously,

Candy crush and don’t forget music.ly.


Self-Help book was alone and in danger of being captured,

And oh, how his heart was fractured.

Book city needs you.

They need your help, they really do!

Cut the power, cut the source, pull the wifi,

So the terminating ten die.

Go and round up your army,

Grab Matilda, James, and Charlie.

Call your friends, call your family,

Put an end to this calamity.

Read a book to save Book City!!!


By Camilla

February 2018