Please see the School Improvement Plan Overview which outlines the schools key priorities for the academic year 2017-18 on the following link: SIP 2017-18

Our school is a special place to learn and work, and our children are amazing!

We take great pride in the positive relationships we build with children, families and the community around us which helps create the very best environment for our pupils to learn and thrive.

Staff at Aldborough are passionate about education, and the doors it can open.

We work hard to provide children with memorable and meaningful opportunities for learning, through a curriculum that engages and challenges, with high expectations and academic rigour are at its heart. Our children enjoy their time at school and talk with excitement about the thrill and joy they experience when they make discoveries, advance their skills and master tricky concepts.

We believe in each and every child, and every decision we make is based on making a positive difference in their lives, providing them with the best that we can offer and supporting their journey to achieving great success.

Aims and Values


    Our aims:

   • To promote high academic standards and outcomes for all
   • To develop confident successful and independent learners
   • To provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment
   • To encourage pupils to act responsibly and respectfully to all
   • To develop open and genuine engagement with parents
   • To ensure children become responsible global citizens
   • To play an active role within our local community

     Our Values:

      We have seven core values which permeate all that we do:

    • Respect
    • Trust
    • Confidence
    • Care
    • Team work
    • Integrity
    • Courage






Aldborough Primary School
Part of the Loxford School Trust

Mission Statement

We will maximise the effectiveness of learning opportunities and technologies to provide our children with high levels of attainment and achievement.  This will be provided in a well-ordered, reflective, enterprising and collaborative environment in which all participants are respected and are enabled to fulfil their potential and to make a positive contribution to the development of our culturally rich community.


Values, Vision and Mission


To make learning an enjoyable and challenging experience, preparing our pupils for life.
To ensure all pupils and staff achieve as highly as possible.

All are encouraged to achieve their full potential through common and shared purposes, agreed by consensus and commitment and celebrating achievement.

The school aims to do this by:

  • Proving a stimulating and well-resourced environment.
  • Creating an ethos where pupils’ interests and their quality of learning are central to the school’s work and purpose.
  • Raising self-esteem.
  • Ensuring that equality of opportunity is made available to all pupils and adults.
  • Celebrating achievements with each member of our school community.
  • Offering pupils a broad, creative and balanced curriculum.
  • Reflect the cultural diversity of the school’s community.
  • Encouraging effective partnership and communication with parents and members of the community.
  • Every child is welcomed and valued