The PE and sports premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sporting activities we offer our pupils.

Sports Funding 2017-18


Cost/Estimate New or continued activity Aim

Monitored by

Results and impact
Sport Coach at lunch time



Introduce a new range of sporting activities and fitness routines during lunch time and to encourage positive play.


After school sports clubs



Introduce new sporting activities to children through after school clubs. Include children who have been identified as needing support with fitness.


Training for new subject leader



Develop a new subject leader in order to ensure the high quality teaching of P.E.

Subject leader to provide training for staff based on training.


New P.E. Scheme of Work and resources



Provide staff with the relevant resources in order to teach high quality lessons.

P.E. Leader

Participation in sporting tournaments



Set-up football and netball teams and to compete in competitions.

To participate in borough led sporting events and competitions such as mini-games and tag rugby to encourage exercise outside of school.

P.E. Leader

Total Spend


Sports Premium 2016-17

The Sports Premium Report for 2016-17 was the same as above.