Weekly Newsletter - 12th July 2022

June 27th 2022


Aldborough Primary School Newsletter

Tuesday 12th July 2022

Attendance Winners

Congratulations to Lemur and Otter classes who have won the attendance trophy over the past week. Well done!

End of Term

As you know we break up for the summer holidays on Friday 15th July 2022. It has been a great year at Aldborough, with some amazing learning opportunities including ‘Dare to Dream’ experiences and the return of class assemblies, school trips and landing pads. We have been thrilled to have been able to invite families back in to school to share more of your children’s learning and we are looking forward to doing this more next academic year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support over the year and wish you and your families a safe and happy summer break. A reminder of the end of school times for Friday 15th July:



Year Group

Pick-up location


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

St Johns Road entrance


Year 3 and Year 4

St Johns Road entrance


Year 5 and Year 6

St Johns Road entrance

Please ensure that you are on time to collect your child. If your child is in year 6 and usually walks home alone, they will be unable to on this day and must be collected by a responsible person over the age of 16 years old. Lunch will not be provided on this day. Children return to school on Friday 2nd September 2022 between 8.40am – 8:55am.

Saying Goodbye to our Year 6 Children

The end of each academic year is a lovely time to reflect on the achievements of the children and our school but it also tinged with sadness as we say goodbye to our amazing year 6 children.

Year 6, we are very proud of you and everything you have achieved. We will miss hearing your voices and laughter around the school and we thank you for being committed to your education. Now is your time to go and shine in your new high schools. They are very lucky to be getting such a wonderful group of children.

Remember to keep working hard and always be the best you can be. Please keep in touch; we would love to hear about your future achievements.

Welcome to Aldborough!

We have enjoyed meeting the children and families who will be joining Aldborough in September. We are also pleased to be welcoming siblings of children in older year groups. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new families and we look forward to working with you and your children in the new academic year.

Class Parties

On the afternoon of Thursday 14th July, we will be holding class parties at school for the children. Due to Natasha’s Law, we will not be asking for class donations, however, if you would like to, you can provide your child with an individual party bag of snacks to eat during the party. Please remember we are a nut free school, so please do not include any nut              products including spreads like Nutella or cereal bars. Please also ensure your child does not have any items that include sesame seeds.

We thank you in advance.

Children’s Books

We are pleased to let you know that your children will be bringing their exercise books home this year so you can see the progress they have made and share in the work they have produced. These will be sent home on Thursday 14th July and Friday 15th July.

Please can you send a bag into school with your child on these days so that they can pack their books into them.

Enterprise Day

We had a wonderful day on Enterprise Day where the school became Aldborough market! The competitiveness of everyone came out and there were many bargains and deals to be had in the hope that each class made the biggest profit. In total we raised £751. After children received half of their profit back, the school was left with £359.00, which will be used to purchase books for our new library. We must say a big well done to all of the staff and children for the efforts that they put in to the day and a thank you to our families for their support of the event. The overall winners who made the most profit on the day was Shark Class!

Dare to Dream - Teachers

A group of children became teachers at Aldborough this half term and helped teach across Reception to Year 2. All children received their teacher pass and marking pens and many asked to teach the whole class! They all showed kindness, courage, confidence and respect with the children and we have no doubt that if they choose to follow this dream, they will inspire future generations!

 Dare to Dream - Headteacher!

Last Friday Miss K (Ema), a pupil in year 6, became Headteacher for the day. Miss K had the opportunity to help run the school for part of her day and take part in some of the jobs that the Headteacher completes each day.

Miss K will make an exceptional Headteacher one day

A note from Miss K

Currently being in Aldborough is an amazing experience. I would love to thank all the teachers that made my dream become true. Determined to be principal when I grow up, I finally had an extraordinary chance to feel like one; actually be one. I would like to thank all the students in Aldborough, all the teachers who made my day a brighter day. All I can say is thank you for having me.

 Dare to Dream—Make up Artists

On Thursday, some of our pupils had the chance to find out what it is like to be a make-up artist from a make-up and skin care consultant. Sophie received her beauty qualification from the London School of Makeup and is now an adviser for Clinique. During the dare to dream experience, Sophie completed a session on skin care and then on makeup. The children tested out make up on tester sheets and one of the designs was chosen as a focus for a make-up tutorial. Sophie modelled how to achieve this look on Miss Hill with the help of her assistants.

Sophie provides skin care and make up consultations via the Clinique website: and we would like to thank her for the time she spent helping our children and inspiring them for the future.

PE Kits

Please make sure your child brings their PE kit into school to change into on their PE days. Having a change of clothes helps with hygiene, as well as helping our younger children develop their fine motor skills. Children should no longer be wearing their PE kit all day.


Please ensure your children are in the correct school uniform at all times. This includes black shoes (not trainers) and black or purple hair bands (no bows, glitter or patterned bands). The PE uniform consists of black jogging bottoms or shorts, white polo shirt and black plimsolls or trainers.

The link below can be used to view and order school uniform from the supplier.

Forthcoming Events

13.07.22— Year 6 production for parents. 

14.07.22—Class parties in school. Please see further information in this newsletter

15.07.22—Last Day of Term 3.2.

01.09.22—Staff INSET—School closed to children

02.09.22—Children return to school to start term 1.1. Gates open at 8.40am.