Black History Celebrations – Part One!

On Friday 12th October we were lucky enough to be joined by inspirational speaker, Chris Lubbe, who was Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard for nine years. He led two very inspiring and educational assemblies for both key stage one and two. The content of the assemblies was tailored to the ages of the children and discussed topics such as apartheid and racism around the world. Chris spoke to the children about how our words can affect others and told some stories about how racism had affected him personally. The children were a credit to the school and showed respect and kindness throughout.

After the assembly some of our Pupil Leadership Team had a quieter moment with Chris to find out more about his work with Nelson Mandela, as well as what we can do to continue making the world a kinder and more accepting place. The key themes of his inspirational messages are determination, courage, perseverance, persistence and the power of forgiveness. We all feel this is a visit that we will remember for a very long time and has inspired us to keep talking and tackling racism.