As you know we work closely with the WE charity and through the WE Go Green campaign, our Eco-warriors wanted to make our school and environment more sustainable, colourful and eco-friendly! We would like to share their first project for this year which we hope people in the local area will also take some enjoyment from.

You may have noticed some strange black planters appear on the railings outside of our school recently. Well they were the beginnings of the first project for the eco warrior team!
Our nature garden and planting team gratefully received enough planters, soils, plants and bulbs to begin making the outside of our school even more colourful!

We have been fortunate enough to be offered this equipment from the Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officer at Redbridge council, Marion Moth. We are very grateful for this and are looking forward to seeing our bulbs grow in the spring, hopefully resulting in a colourful display outside of our school. We hope the local residents and businesses will also enjoy the colourful flowers and plants as they grow.

A big thank you to Zara, Ema, Tia, Sariyah, Rohman, Muhammad, Eimaan, Prishay, Zahra, Sara and Zahra for doing all the planting! They will also be looking after the planters throughout the year.