Teachers Learn Too!!

A great professional development session with colleagues with a focus on improving the learning and teaching of Maths.

On Thursday evening our teaching staff were joined by colleagues from Loxford School of Science and Technology as Aldborough hosted an informative professional development session with a focus on developing Maths practice.

The session was led by Andrew Jeffries, a specialist Maths consultant who works across the UK and internationally. He engaged professionals to reflect on the significance of teaching children the importance of identifying patterns in numbers as an essential tool in becoming successful mathematicians.

A key message from the session for teachers and all adults who are supporting children in developing maths skills is that we need to give children real and frequent opportunities to investigate and problem solve – often saying as little as possible, and focusing more on asking key questions so that children are encouraged to discover and extend their thinking independently. He also tackled the old adage that practise does not always make perfect…. But rather that practise makes permanent! Therefore it is essential that we do not teach bad habits to learners.

The session is the first where the teachers from the two schools have come together for training led by an external specialist. Feedback was great and we look forward to not only seeing how this impacts on children’s learning in classrooms ​but also the practice of the staff as we all strive to be the best that we can be.

“Really super – thank you for organising, and lovely to join with other colleagues and host some training together.”
“Loved the practical examples and chance to gain from more experienced professionals.”
“Encouraged to think more creatively and take more risks when teaching.”
“Let the children investigate, discover and inform my teaching.”
“To make maths exciting and creative – set infinite puzzles and problems to solve – get the children curious.”
“Creativity – challenge the children by challenging your teaching”
“Differentiation can happen just by challenging pupils with simple questions to extend their knowledge.”