Welcome back in 2015!

It’s been fantastic seeing children back to school refreshed after the holidays and full of news from the break.
Everyone has settled back in to school and children have been showing their teachers that they are ready to learn.
This week, children have been finding out why it’s great to come back to school after the holidays, and also to find out what New Year’s Resolutions members of our school have set themselves.
We thought that you might like to hear what some of our children and teachers are saying, and working towards!

What’s good about coming back to school after the holidays?

Yosan (Y2) – Learning
Uwais (Y1) – Playing with the boys
Joy (Y4) – Getting to see my friends again
Miss Hussain – Helping my children to learn new and exciting things
Charlie (Y3) – It’s great fun at school
Annabel (Y4) – We have had lots of rest and we are ready to learn again
Mrs Giordmaina – It’s wonderful to see all of the lovely smiling faces of our pupils – like Oliver and Aleisha!
Yasar (Y3) – I get to learn different subjects again
Ema (Y2) – Playing with my friends

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2015?

Elijah (Y2) – To make sure everyone is happy
Jashan (Y1) – To get better at making cars
Filip (Y2) – To be helpful and kind
Miss Anita – To stop eating junk food
Katy (Y3) – To learn my times tables off by heart
Kirushan (Y3) – To get better at literacy
Mrs Kuzeva – To do my best, learn a new skill and be a better person, wife and mum
Abdul (Y4) – To improve my handwriting
Mrs Jones-Spencer & Miss Agustin – To stop eating chocolates!
Navya (Y3) – To finish off my work
Yasar (Y3) – To do a bicycle flip
Harman (Y4) – To be able to achieve good things
Fatima (Y4) – To improve my maths skills
Miss Sinem – To travel more often
Sahla (Y4) – To work even harder than I did before

Thank you to Isabella, Tavisha, Oliver, Yasar, Aminah, Shakira, Derrell, Aleisha and Faisal for gathering the ideas from children and adults across the school.

From all of us at Aldborough, we hope that you have enjoyed a good break and that 2015 brings you and your family’s good health, happiness….. and lots more exciting opportunities to learn, learn, learn!!