Writers Competition

You may remember that earlier this year we held a competition run by Young Writers to create a mini saga about a crazy creature. We had 48 entries and of these, 32 have been chosen to be published in a book titled ‘Crazy Creatures– Essex Legends’ which is scheduled to be released on 31st August 2017. The school will purchase a copy of this for every class within the school.

Congratulations to the children who will have their mini sagas published.

The winners were:

Mini Saga Winners—Crazy Creatures

Aaliyah — Zilos And His Powerwriters1
Ibrahim — The Adventurer
Milena — Fireball Going To Earth
Ranveer —Deadly Chase
Sanaya —Untitled
Devangi —The Story Of Bobby Green Slime
Asha — Emobi Rescue Mission
Hiba S — Frigh Tend And The Crash
Sharif — The Stupendous Stench Of Noisin
Harmanpreet — Dracampi Shunksops And The Climb Of A Lifetime
Raaquelle — Sluggly Slimy Snaggalou
Zareen — The Visitor
Zarif — The Big Space Race!
Zarin — Flame’s Adventure
Rija — Multi-Monster Man
Amani-Maryam — Red Ringger’s Problem
Majeed — Five-Eyed M&M Gets Lost
Macy Into Cheetah Action
Abubakr — The Crazy Sculpture/Flyer
Tasin — The Spiky Billy’s Fight!
Esther — Unscary Monster
Rayhan — Bople Bop And The Dogs
Anita — Blackeye’s Fight For Best Colour!
Demantas — Untitled
Jessica — Deganot And The Strange, Glowing World
Sara — To The Rescue!
Khushpreet — All Alone
Asif — Boogie And The Tissue!
Brittney — The April Folls Prankster!
Paramjeet — Helping Monsters
Alex — Chobo’s Life
Husnam — Sartap