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October 18th 2021


Aldborough Primary School Newsletter

Thursday 25th November 2021

Attendance Winners

Congratulations to Lemur and Leopard classes who have won the attendance trophy over the past week. The 30 children with the best attendance at the  end of the year will receive a special prize!

Attendance and COVID

Attendance at school is very important for your child's education. Children can attend school if they have a common cold and are well enough to do so, however, we must remain vigilant in terms of COVID and the ongoing risk of this.

The main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

If your child has any of these symptoms, they must get a PCR test (a test that is sent to a lab) to check if they have coronavirus and stay at home until you receive their result, even if the symptoms are mild. Once you receive their test result, please forward this to and continue to follow all government guidelines. This information should also be followed for any member of your household who is displaying symptoms.

You can find more information by clicking on the link below:

School closed

A reminder that school is closed to children tomorrow (Friday 26th November) and will reopen on Monday 29th November.

Christmas Dates

You will have received a letter with some key Christmas dates for December. Over the last two years, we have been unable to run many events due to the pandemic, so we are looking forward to this year where we can invite you in to celebrate with your child. In order for us to do this safely, we have had to make some small adjustments. We will only be able to admit one adult per child for Christmas concerts and we will be having separate year group concerts rather than phases. We are sure this will not affect the excitement of the day and the performance the children give. We look forward to seeing you at some of the events in December.

Please note that the dates may change or be cancelled dependent on the situation around COVID.

Landing pads

If you are unable to make the Christmas concerts, we hope you will be able to attend your child’s ‘Landing pad’. This will be an opportunity for you to come in to school and see some of your child's work from the term. Dates and times of this have been sent out via email, if you have not received them, please do let us know. Again we will only be able to admit one adult per child.


On Wednesday 8th December, we will be having our pantomime. We are thrilled to be welcoming in West End Schools who will perform ‘Scroogical!’. The children will be helping a trainee Christmas Spirit to persuade Ebenezer Scrooge to believe in the magic and wonder of Christmas, or she'll never pass her Festive Test. The children will go on a magical adventure to try to change Scrooge's mean and miserly ways, and save Christmas!


We would like to thank all of our families who returned the recent questionnaire we sent out. We received 100 responses and appreciated the kind words that were shared with us. We were also really pleased that 100% of families agreed that their child was happy at school, is taught well and makes good progress.

We will be sharing some of our actions from the feedback with you in the new year, and again, we thank you for taking the time to respond.

Anti-Bullying Week

Odd Socks Day this year at Aldborough was fantastic! It was a wonderful opportunity for children to have fun, be themselves and spread awareness of the core values Anti-Bullying Week promotes by celebrating  kindness and uniqueness! Each class reflected on how we live in a diverse community and how  our differences are what makes us unique. On this day each class created a kindness pledge to include all the things they are going to do to show kindness this year. 

Over the course of the week, the children understood the definition of bullying, explored the idea of kindness and how they can spread kindness throughout school life, agreed how we want to feel while we’re at school and discussed how you can support someone you see being bullied. We are very proud of the children for spreading kindness and celebrating their individuality!

Aldborough Takes Action to End Homelessness  -Year 6

Year 6 have been learning about the problems that arise from homelessness as part of their social action campaign. Whether a vulnerable adult sleeping rough, a child living in a hostel room, or a young person sofa surfing, all experience a huge toll on their physical and mental health when faced with homelessness and the lack of secure housing. Children have been inspired by their learning to write poems about the problems faced by homeless individuals. Please visit the school website to view their poems. There will be more information about how you can get involved and support Aldborough Takes Action against homelessness in the coming weeks. 

School Uniform

Children have been coming to school looking very smart and we thank you for following our uniform policy. 

School shoes

A gentle reminder that all shoes should be black in colour, no logos or white soles.

Earrings and hair bands

For your children's safety, please ensure all earrings are small studs and not hoops and hair bands are small and purple or black in colour.

We thank you for your co-operation.

Please ensure your children are in the correct school uniform at all times. This includes black shoes (not trainers) and black or purple hair bands (no bows, glitter or patterned bands). The PE uniform consists of black jogging bottoms or shorts, white polo shirt and black plimsolls or trainers.

The link below can be used to view and order school uniform from the supplier.

Forthcoming Events

w.c 6.12.21—Landing pads and Christmas Shows, please see separate letter for your child’s dates

8.12.21—School pantomime for children

9.12.21—Eagle Class Assembly at 2.45pm

10.12.21—Christmas Jumper Day

w.c 13.12.21—Landing pads and Christmas Shows, please see separate letter for your child’s dates

15.12.21—School Christmas lunch

16.12.21—Class parties

17.12.21—Last day of Term 1.2. School will close from 12:00 noon and children should be collected promptly at the times below:

- Reception, Year 1 and 2: 12.00pm

- Years 3 and 4: 12.05pm

- Years 5 and 6: 12.10pm