Anti-Bullying Week

November 29th 2021

Odd Socks Day this year at Aldborough was fantastic! It was a wonderful opportunity for children to have fun, be themselves and spread awareness of the core values Anti-Bullying Week promotes by celebrating kindness and uniqueness! Each class reflected on how we live in a diverse community and how our differences are what makes us unique. On this day, each class created a kindness pledge to include all the things they are going to do to show kindness this year.

Over the course of the week, the children understood the definition of bullying, explored the idea of kindness and how they can spread kindness throughout school life, agreed how we want to feel while we’re at school and discussed how you can support someone you see being bullied. We are very proud of the children for spreading kindness and celebrating their individuality!

Shark’s pledge

On this very day

To strive to be kind

in everything we say

To share a smile

With everyone we meet

Our promises

We always keep

We don’t compare others

We don’t pass judgment

Instead we are thoughtful 

Instead we compliment

No one is left out,

No one is alone

For Aldborough is a safe space to grow.