Year 1 Aldborough Takes Action

May 27th 2022

Year 1 Aldborough Takes Action 1Last term, our year 1 children carried out an Aldborough Takes Action Campaign to raise money for the Guide Dogs. The children carried out a blindfolded obstacle course, which they helped their peers navigate, to allow them to understand what it would be like to lose their sight. Thanks to the dedication of the children as well as the generosity of families and friends, the children raised £300 and now sponsor Millie the Guide Dog. This week, we had our first ‘Pupdate’ on Millie and it was wonderful to hear how well she is doing!


Millie is making wonderful progress with her Puppy Raiser, Alison and is growing fast! Alison has been introducing Millie to lots of new environments to help build her confidence when out and about. One skill that Alison has been focusing on helping Millie master is ‘self-settle’. Millie is learning to settle herself calmly in situations such as a café environment. We hope you are as proud of Millie’s progress as we are!