Year 3—Aldborough Takes Action 

May 26th 2022


Over the Spring Term, Year 3 learned about how people who do not have access to clean water can end up in a cycle of poverty. They discovered the problems many children across the world have when accessing clean water.

They have learned about how it affects them going to school and how this impacts their progress in life and keeps them in a cycle of poverty. Children decided to participate in a fundraising challenge called the Water Walk to help raise money to support children in poorer countries.

As part of the fundraiser, the children of Year 3 had to carry as much water from one bucket to another (10m apart) using a sponge. We asked families and friends to sponsor the children to conduct the Water Walk to raise money for Water Aid. Our families did not disappoint! We raised a huge £550.00!

Well done to Year 3 for all their efforts and a big thanks to everyone for your support!